“Finding” is the powerful story of how a young boy becomes his adoptive mother’s greatest spiritual teacher.

Two years before adopting seven-year-old Keydell from a group home for young boys, Kim made a vow before the Dalai Lama to become a bodhisattva: one who cultivates an enlightened mind, is free from delusion, and practices kindness and compassion above all else. However, she struggles with this practice as her new son's challenged mind sends him into fits of rage and violence, while seemingly allowing him to feel no remorse for his actions. His behaviors go against everything Kim believes in, but she is determined to keep her chocolate-eyed boy safely in the home she has created with her husband and two biological children. As she tries everything she can to get Keydell the help he needs, she must also learn to accept him exactly as he is: a tiger in the home of elephants. 

This vulnerable and touching account highlights the interplay between desire and reality, denial and acceptance, struggle and enlightenment. As the minds of this mother and her extraordinary son awaken - Kim's through her Buddhist practice, and Keydell's through the science of neurofeedback - we witness the power of love and compassion to overcome even the greatest odds.


My story is not unique but I hope can be helpful for many people.  When I first adopted Keydell I was beginning a practice in Buddhism.  I was looking for a teacher.  Keydell became that teacher for me.  He brought me lessons around compassion, empathy, unconditional love and showed me what it means to over come my "story" and his.  I was blessed with an amazing childhood and he was not, but together we teach each other to tame our minds; the control tower of our actions, so we can each become our best self.  My talks incorporate the themes of mindfulness, finding compassion for others in the face of a difficult relationship, what attachment disorder is and neuro-feedback and its benefits.  Please call to schedule a time to talk as I love to get to know my audience before I design my presentation.  401-225-3553


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NEWPORT DAILY NEWS -Kim Fuller felt she had a “perfect” — her word — family with her husband, Jim Miller, and their two children, Henry and Ella, when she started volunteering with friends at a group home operated by Child & Family, a nonprofit agency, in August 2006.

 MERCURY - "In her book, Kim Fuller shares the joys and struggles of the adopting process."