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I have been practicing mindfulness meditation and studying Buddhism for over 13 years and have found a profound and positive shift in how I navigate through life because of my practice.  I have learned to understand and step out of my fears to allow for amazing expansion and possibility, I express myself with more confidence and ease and have built stronger relationships with the ones I love. My aim in working with you is to help you do the same. I will help you learn to carefully watch your thoughts, emotions and actions so you can respond to them with positive outcomes.  When stress, anger or challenging relationships arise you will be able to understand what your triggers are, the underlying fears around them and how to best work at resolving your upsets.  You will be guided in meditations to help you open your heart and mind which helps you gain clarity and the ability to step into all that is available to you.  Your inner wisdom is your greatest asset and I want to help you access that.  It's your superpower baby!

It's not about changing who you are but discovering who you want to be.  You already have everything you need inside of you to be at peace; you just have to uncover those tools and practice using them. 


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Kim is a knowledgeable and kind practitioner who gently tunes in to what is most helpful to her clients. Kim listens without judgment, competently holds space for what is, and capably nudges me to tap in to what is true and needed for me to grow, learn, and help myself to heal. The effects of Kim’s coaching are truly profound. Her wise, incisive questions help me to uncover what is at the root, or cause, of my suffering, while also guiding me to harness my own loving path out of suffering to health, happiness, and wellness. I am grateful to work with her. If you have the opportunity to work with Kim, I highly recommend you do. The quality of your inner life will benefit, and the profound effects of working with Kim may also extend to relationships you value - with yourself and with others.”

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The awareness you helped me develop of myself and the world around me has allowed me to remain calm in challenging situations and cope with any negativity that gets projected my way. Your sessions brought surprising insights into what issues might still be bothering me but I can now work on how I think and feel when presented with self-doubt or frustration.”


There is a path to peace but we must see the path before we can place one foot in the right direction. 

I got to hear the Dalai Lama speak about 12 years ago and essentially what I took away from that first time with him was that my happiness is in my own hands.  I have the ability to be at peace even in difficult times.  And so do you.  I have been studying and practicing meditation and mindfulness ever since that meeting and have witnessed myself transform.  I have become more familiar with my mind and my emotions and how I respond to both and I have learned to pay closer attention to the present moment; the place where life is happening.  These practices strengthen my focus and concentration, keep me more present for the beauty in my life, help me manage difficult people and situations more peacefully and I am overall more mentally healthy.  I want to help you find these same qualities with my PAUSE coaching.

The P.A.U.S.E.™ method outlines five steps that guide you on a path towards more awareness, understanding and thinking that shifts your perspective from the negative to the positive; from delusion to reality.  When we understand our afflictive emotions and thoughts and how we react to them versus respond to them, we can begin to find better strategies in working with them; towards a more positive state of mind.  When I work with you, I will provide tools and these steps to guide you through your challenges towards more inner peace and grounding.  This foundation of mindfulness will support you as you navigate your stresses, relationships and physical challenges.  

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