Every day we come in contact with other human beings and how we “see” them determines how our interactions will go.  Are you able to see the person in front of you with a clear lens or is your lens clouded with expectations, assumptions and judgments that can disconnect you from them?  This disconnection can isolate us from the possibility of learning from that person, hearing them clearly or being heard clearly and above all the possibility of a peaceful and productive interaction. 

My talks are designed to give you tools to clear your lens by shifting your perspective to seeing the possibility in your relationships; even the ones that are difficult.  This practice is helpful in the workplace, in your personal relationships and even with strangers who may push your buttons.  You can get the positive results you want from responding from a peaceful mindset, verses one that is angry, frustrated and disconnected.  We all have challenging people in our lives but we don't have to let them keep us from our own potential for productivity and peace.

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Shifting your Lens- Finding peace with difficult people- This talk takes you through my journey in finding ways to see others through a variety of lens.  The practice of observing others through the lens of my camera for so many years guided me in being as mindful in my looking with the camera down.  When my adopted son came into our lives when he was eight years old, he challenged me to no end and I had to put this practice in place just to get through the day.  Ultimately though, by seeing him with my clear lens and by getting curious, I was able to keep him in our home despite his extremely disruptive and violent behaviors.  This talk starts with an interactive "looking" exercise and moves into an inspiring story that includes ways to use what I have learned, and apply them to your own challenging relationships.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY TED TALK

The Art of the P.A.U.S.E -  In this workshop we will explore what it means to slow down and look carefully at yourself and how you operate in the world.  I will introduce and practice with you some meditation techniques, exercises in listening and speaking with focus and clarity and raise your awareness around all that is possible for you in relationship with yourself and others. This workshop is perfect for sales teams, corporate environments, retreats and with children. 

Mindful Photography - Photography is a mindful way to practice slowing down and looking carefully at the world you live in and the people in it.  With practice you can maintain this mindfulness with your camera down as well. Looking carefully helps you stay present to the beauty in the ordinary which builds gratitude, inner peace and respect for the life you have and the people in it. I love teaching this workshop to new and advanced photographers as a way to help them connect with their subjects.  Often times portrait subjects are nervous or uncomfortable being photographed so this workshop explores methods that will help you and your clients get better results from their photo experience.  This class plays with the concept of contemplative photography over conventional photography and will open you up to new ways of seeing.  Great mindful workshop for children and adults, professionals and hobby photographers alike.

TEDx NEWBEDFORD TALK:  Friday, November 4th, 2016at the Ziterion Theater NewBedford, MA.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY TED TALK

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