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You are bombarded every day with stresses, distractions and chaos, but within all that you can find inner calm, clarity and peace; you just have to practice tapping into those places.  Mindfulness is about slowing down and paying attention to what is happening in the here and now and not letting yourself get lost in your past regrets or worries of the future.  Mindfulness teaches you to open your mind and heart in such a way that you are aware of things as they are and can make clearer decisions, respond with care and compassion and be more focused and present for yourself and those around you.


The Art of the P.A.U.S.E.™ -  P.A.U.S.E.™ retreats and workshops are designed to give you space and time to reflect on your life, a challenging situation or relationship. I will guide you in relaxing meditations and exercises that help you slow down, tune in and awaken your inner wisdom, creativity and focus so you can navigate your life with more ease, joy and presence. Photography is the practice of slowing down and looking outward as a way to calm excessive thinking and overwhelm and helps you pay attention to the beauty in the world. This way of photographing mindfully builds gratitude, clear awareness and peace and you get great images to reflect upon afterwards. Meditation and Photography combined make for a fun and relaxing experience and one that can be shared in a group or VIP experience.  The P.A.U.S.E.™ workshop is perfect for sales teams, community leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs and can be custom designed for your group.


What you will gain in a P.A.U.S.E.™ retreat :

Personal Growth -

The only person you can change is yourself.  THAT'S IT!  You are an ever changing being and can get stuck in a cycle of thoughts, habits, emotional responses and ways of looking at and thinking about things.  But if you take the time to open your awareness around what is working in your life and what is not, then you will begin to understand how to make positive changes. WITHOUT JUDGMENT! This workshop will help you raise that awareness and shift your perspective so you can examine yourself and understand how your mind is your control tower.  You will understand how to best work with your personality temperaments, access your greatest strengths, gifts and experiences and design the life you want; one of peace, clarity, creativity and joy. 


Balance in your life -

You are bombarded everyday with challenges at work and at home that throw you out of the present moment and into worry, stress, confusion and frustration.  I want to show you simple ways to stay present in each moment; the moment where life is happening and positive action can be taken.  Getting lost in your past frustrations or future worries does you no good.  My aim is to show you why it's important to be mindful of the present and how by doing this you can make better choices, find more openness for ideas and creativity and feel more at peace and balanced when life is comin' at ya fast.

Ah, here is where you take a deep breath!

Clarity and focus -

Through a variety of meditations and interactive exercises you will begin to understand how you see and take in your world. I believe that how you see it is how you live it. My aim is to help you see what “is” in your life and not the story you make up about it. These practices help you shift your perspective and see things in a new and expanded way and trains your mind to be clear and focused so you can pay attention to the positive, productive and peaceful parts of your life. This creates possibility!

Now doesn't that sound amazing?


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Mindful Photography -  Most of us have a camera at our fingertips, right there in our phones.  But are we really looking carefully and seeing the beauty in the everyday things and people in our lives?    Looking looking through the lens of your camera, helps you stay present to even the smallest things in your life, which builds gratitude, inner peace and respect for the life you have and not the one you wish you had.  The ordinary becomes more extraordinary.  This practice helps you feel more content, appreciative and at ease in your life.  Mindfully photographing can help with depression, stress, overwhelm and frustrations because it invites you to slow down and be present with each click of the camera button. It slows down your excessing thinking, worrying and stressing and brings a sense of calm and focus. I love teaching this workshop to new and advanced photographers as a way to help them be more present for their subjects and to office teams, retreat and student groups as a fun way to practice mindfulness.  And the cool part is you get amazing photographs to share or reflect upon to remind you of the joy and fun you had making those images.










totally you photography workshops

How you see yourself is how you live your life. If you see yourself as the superpower that you are, then you will act like a superhero! This workshop is about igniting your fire, shining a spotlight on your amazing and beautiful self and showing you a side of yourself that is all about authentic self-expression. And… you get to play in a sisterhood of like minded women who will share this journey with you. The workshops are for 4-6 women, include hair and make-up, personal coaching to get you ready to shine and a photo session in studio and around downtown Newport, RI. You will get images that you will be excited to share and a sense of confidence in how you express yourself moving forward. You will feel empowered, HOT, sexy and full of life. Your inner glow is sure to shine on the outside from here on out.

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