Photo by Ella Miller  

Photo by Ella Miller



Who am I ? Great question to ask ourselves.  I believe I am who I am depending on who is perceiving me at the time.  If I am on a photography assignment with a camera around my neck snapping away, that is how I am perceived.  If I am with my kids I am Mom, the coolest chick on the planet! Yeah right.  But when I am alone, I am a thinker, a creator of stories through images and words, a student of Buddhism and mindfulness and someone who desires to be kind and compassionate with all people.  My family and friends are my teachers, guides and inspiration, as is nature.

I am someone who appreciates beauty in all things, especially if those things are a bit imperfect. 

I have been a freelance photographer for over 25 years and have worked with some amazing clients.  My greatest joy is connecting with a portrait subject and creating photographs together verses me just "taking" their picture.  My mindfulness practice keeps me in the moment and allows me to see clearly, the mood of an event, the beauty in my subjects and the perfectly imperfect life we live in.  

I am also an author of a book called FINDING, the story of a boy who becomes his adoptive mothers' greatest spiritual teacher.  Writing was as much of a creative process as photographing but it took soooo much longer than creating an image.  Boy did I get a practice in patience.

I love sharing what I have learned in my years as a photographer and a mindfulness practitioner and how both guided me in seeing my adopted son in a new light.  All of this led me to developing a new part to my mindfulness business so I now lead workshops and present talks teaching people about getting along with challenging people in their lives.  I speak about my P.A.U.S.E method and how to use the clear steps to understand yourself and others better and with more peace. If you would like to reach me for PUBLIC SPEAKING, TEACHING OR PHOTOGRAPHY please email me at or call 401-225-3553





Students will be encouraged to look carefully at the world they live in through the lens of what ever camera they own.  The aim is to open up an awareness around the ordinary things in life making them more extraordinary.  This practice builds gratitude and often helps you create amazing images along the way.  I am happy to work with therapists in group, with teens and adult groups.  Please check in for upcoming classes. CLASSES


Do you want to learn how to use your camera?  Do you want to get better at composition or learn some lighting techniques?  This class is designed to your needs and offered as a one on one session or in a group.  We often start by going over the camera and then walking around and photographing together.  Private sessions are $75 for an hour and a half.  Please call for group rates.