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There is a path to peace but we must see the path before we can place one foot in the right direction. 

I got to hear the Dalai Lama speak about 12 years ago and essentially what I took away from that first time with him was that my happiness is in my own hands.  I have the ability to be at peace even in difficult times.  And so do you.  I have been studying and practicing meditation and mindfulness ever since and have witnessed myself transform.  I have become more familiar with my mind and my emotions and how I respond to both and I have learned to pay closer attention to the present moment; the place where life is happening.  These practices strengthen my focus and concentration, keep me more present for myself and others, help me manage difficult people and situations and keep me mentally healthy.  I want to help you find these same qualities with my coaching. 

The PAUSE method outlines five steps that guide you on a path towards more awareness, understanding and thinking that shifts your perspective from the negative to the positive; from delusion to reality.  We will work together, in person or via zoom, to set up a meditation practice for you, talk about your challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.  Please call for more information at 401-225-3553 or email me at kbfphoto@cox.net