Chamber of Commerce at Salvation Cafe Newport, RI

December 6th at 5:30-7:30 PM

Hosted by the Newport County Chamber of Commerce and their emerging leaders program.  Open to the public. $10

This one hour workshop will be interactive and fun.  Come network and learn some great ways to be more at peace at work and find greater possibility in your work relationships.


jamestown Arts Center presentation

Jamestown, RI

6:00-7:30 PM

This talk is open to the public.  Come join Kim at the beautiful Jamestown Arts Center for a talk on PAUSE, SHIFTING YOUR LENS FOR GREATER POSSIBILITY AND PEACE IN CHALLENGING RELATIONSHIP.  Kim uses her photographs to show you how you see people in your life.  She shares her experience with raising her adopted son, who challenged her mindful practices by testing her patience, compassion and empathy.  It wasn't until she could really "see" him with a clear lens that she was able to find more peace in their relationship. 


P.A.U.S.E and yoga workshop  

Tiverton, RI

Friday July 13, 2018

Join me and my friend Erin at her beautiful home on the water in Tiverton, RI for a day long retreat which includes yoga, meditation, interactive exercises and a light lunch.  This women's retreat is designed to give you time to break away from summer activities and to relax in the gorgeous space of Erin's home and the community of like minded women.  Give yourself the gift of self-care and self-exploration.  More info coming soon.

Mindful photography workshop

Friday June 29, 2018  Tiverton, RI

So many of us take images with our camera phones as well as our 35mm cameras but with the digital age we have sped up the process of looking and being present while shooting.  This workshop is designed to help you examine your world with some PAUSE.  Shooting more mindfully builds gratitude and makes the ordinary, extraordinary.  Your images will be better composed and have more interested than ever before and you will practice being present which will then help you be the same way when your camera is down.  Join me for a day long practice in looking carefully and making images that you will revisit for years to come.  MORE INFO COMING SOON.