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For almost 30 years I have been studying people through the lens of my camera.  It has been a very mindful practice in looking carefully and noticing how I frame my world.

Hello and so glad you found me.  My passion in life is connecting with people in the most authentic way I can and that means from a place of love.  After the Dalai Lama shook my hand, while I was on a photo assignment to document his lecture, and he looked into my eyes with a presence I had never felt before, I knew I wanted to learn about how he was able to do that.  I hoped I could be present for myself and for the people in my life, even if just a little bit like he had for me, because when he gave me that gift of connecting, I felt anything was possible in that moment.  I felt loved, supported, accepted and free in one instant.  The message I took away from his talk was that being kind and compassionate towards myself and others is part of the path to peace and that my happiness is in my own hands.  Now that is powerful!  

My happiness is in my own hands.

I immediately began my studies in Buddhism and mindfulness.

I have been a freelance photographer for over 25 years and have worked with some amazing clients.  After hearing the Dalai Lama speak and starting my meditation practice I realized that looking through the lens of my camera had also been a very mindful practice. The difference was, I was carefully examining my world outside of myself with my photography and in meditation I was carefully examining my mind.  It was when I combined the two practices that I really saw my life in a new way.  I began connecting more with myself and how I saw people and things and this enabled me to be more present for my clients and take in the good in my life.  Connecting photography and mindfulness taught me about who I am and how I got to this moment.  Self reflecting is a step towards knowing yourself and how your mind works so you can make changes and choices around this information. 

This is what I hope to be able to share with you; the way to examine yourself and your world so you can work with what comes up and learn to make great and positive changes in your life in relationship to yourself and others. 

I WANT TO HELP YOU FIND YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF EXPRESSION in business and in your personal life.


I have been a student of Buddhism and Mindfulness for over 13 years and continue my practice of meditation almost daily.  The Buddhist teachings have given me insight and essentially a road map for living a more peaceful life even when it is extremely challenging.  Through meditation I have learned to listen to my thoughts and body, examine my emotions and experiences vs. push them away and process all of it with more clarity and wisdom.  This has shifted and transformed my life towards much more peace, creativity and possibility.

My greatest lessons and challenges came when my family adopted a young boy who had reactive attachment disorder.  His upsets were violent, frustrating and exhausting for all of us yet underneath all that was a beautiful child who needed our family.  My practice helped me be patient with him, continue to seek help that was extremely hard to find and be present for my two birth children who were also effected by it all.  I know what I learned in my spiritual practice, is what got me though it all and as hard as it was, I also know the whole experience led me to the work I am doing now.  My greatest challenge was also my greatest lesson.  This journey is what I share in my book FINDING, a story of a young boy who became his adoptive mother's greatest spiritual teacher.

My life experiences and reflective practices have led me to developing the P.A.U.S.E.™ method.  It's a simple 5 step mindfulness method that gives you a road map when confronted with challenges in your life. I also bring mindfulness to my photo experiences by practicing being present for my clients as well as coaching them to find their own inner peace and confidence so they can shine in their brightest light. If you would like to reach me for SPEAKING, PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCES, WORKSHOP INQUIRES OR PRIVATE COACHING, please FILL IN THE FORM BELOW or call 401-225-3553.  I look forward to connecting with you.

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