Mindful photography, workshops and courses guiding people to PAUSE and find possibility and peace in relationship to themselves and others.


Create greater possibility in your relationships

Are you looking through a clear lens when you see yourself and others or is that lens clouded with judgments, assumptions and expectations?


Connecting with yourself and others...

in a positive, open hearted and open minded way brings more possibility and peace to any relationship.  From there you can grow in love, at work and spiritually with YOURSELF. 



For almost 30 years I have been studying people through the lens of my camera.  It has been a very mindful practice in looking carefully and noticing how I frame my world.

Hello and so glad you found me.  My passion in life is connecting with people in the most authentic way I can and that means from a place of love.  After the Dalai Lama shook my hand, while I was on a photo assignment to document his lecture, and he looked into my eyes with a presence I had never felt before, I knew I wanted to learn about how he was able to do that.  I hoped I could be present for the people in my life, even if just a little bit like he had for me, because when he gave me that gift of connecting, I felt anything was possible in that moment.  I felt loved, supported, accepted and free in one instant.  The message I took away from his talk was that being kind and compassionate towards others is part of the path to peace and that my happiness is in my own hands.  Now that is powerful!  

My happiness is in my own hands.

I immediately began my studies in Buddhism and mindfulness.

I have been a freelance photographer for over 25 years and have worked with some amazing clients.  After hearing the Dalai Lama speak and starting my meditation practice I realized that looking through the lens of my camera had also been a very mindful practice. The difference was I was carefully examining my world outside of myself with my photography and in meditation I was carefully examining my mind.  Both have taught me about who I am and how I got to this moment.  Self reflecting is a step towards knowing yourself and how your mind works so you can make changes and choices around this information. 

This is what I hope to be able to share with you; the way to examine your mind so you can work with it to make great and positive changes in your life in relationship to yourself and others. 


I am also an author of a book called FINDING, the story of a boy who becomes his adoptive mothers' greatest spiritual teacher.  When I was looking for a Buddhist teacher, the one who came along and taught me the most was my new 8 year old son.  My practice helped me get through the tough times during his early years with us.  I worked with my own mind along side him healing his mind of his mental disorder.  I learned more from him then I could have imagined; patience, compassion, empathy and acceptance.  

All of this led me to developing the P.A.U.S.E method and other workshops using photography and mindfulness. If you would like to reach me for SPEAKING, WORKSHOP INQUIRES please FILL IN THE FORM BELOW or call 401-225-3553.  I look forward to connecting with you.


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First you have to connect with yourself.  Here is a free offer to begin.

It all started when...

I met the Dalai Lama on a photo shoot and he showed me in one moment what true love and compassion looked like.  I began my Buddhist studies right away and learned that my happiness is in my own hands; or should I say, my own mind.



My speaking programs, workshops and online courses are designed to inspire, be interactive and fun.  I tell stories, use my photographs and guide you to experience what it feels like to be mindful in all the relationships in your life; especially the one with yourself.  GET TO KNOW YOURSELF BABY!

Working with me as a photographer is not that different.  I will guide you to find your best and most authentic self-expression so your portraits will showcase the best of who you are.  I like to take time to get to know you, co-create ideas for your shoot and allow you to be a part of the art.  I will not take your photographs, we will make them together.  And its so freakin' fun.


Show you how to P.A.U.S.E and be present for each moment so you don't miss out on your beautiful life.

Guide relaxation breathing and introduce meditations that can be done anywhere to help get you centered and clear headed quickly and easily.

Help you become aware of your thoughts and how they effect your everyday life, so you can begin to work with those that don't serve you.

Provide tools that enable you to recognize when you are stressed, anxious or essentially living in the past or future and not in the present moment where actions can be taken. 

Help you build better relationships by becoming a better listener, clear thinker and calm responder.

Help you shift your perspective around negative situations or people, and turn them into opportunities for growth and positive outcomes.

Teach you to apply the P.A.U.S.E METHOD in long form or when confronted with challenges in the moment. 







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