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January 11th, 2019 Newport, RI

Salvation Cafe upstairs loft 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

LIght up! empowerment photography experiences.jpg

Limited to 4 women

Your experience starts with a clarity call with me. As your mindfulness coach I plan to check in with your mindset, see what you want to explore and how you want to shine in your brightest light. Then, as a group, we will meet at the Salvation Cafe loft in downtown Newport for our photo experience, get our hair and make-up done (oh this is fun) and begin our afternoon of photographing. Plan to bring several outfits for indoors and out and accessories to play with. You never know when inspiration with arise so be ready with lots of options. After our session I will do the edits and plan for our big gallery reveal on line. We will meet on a Zoom call (please download zoom. Its free) where I will show you all your fabulous images, discuss what comes up and support each of you as we explore together what it means to be vulnerable, fully self-expressed and to live in your light. I want you to see yourself as the amazing, beautiful woman that you are. Only 4 spots for each session so register now to reserve your experience.


What this includes:

Two month program from January 1st - March 1st

  1. Two private coaching calls. One leading up to our photo experience day and one after.

  2. Six group online coaching meetings, once a week to look at your images, get support, and talk about vulnerability and mindset.

  3.  A set of approximately 20 final photos that will knock your socks off.  You can use them any way your like.

  4.  A view of your self that is empowering and that will re-ignite the fire in your belly.

  5.  The confidence to shine in your authentic personality in a meeting, with your family and friends or on a big stage without question.

  6.  The freedom to move forward from any fears, judgments or insecurities and step into your greatest light. 

  7. A sisterhood of other women who will be right there beside you, going through the same thing.

  8. Support and ideas of how to best use your final images.

  9. The opportunity to attend an ART OF THE P.A.U.S.E. mindfulness retreat, at a discount, led by moi, your ever loving support woman.

For more information please email Kim at