Many people want to practice living in the moment yet they don't really know how.  "The moment" is an ever changing thing so how can you possibly live in THE moment?  Which one is THE moment?  Start by practicing noticing just one of those moments a day through the use of photography. Photographs document what we see and not what we believe to be true.  Our thoughts tend to project and imagine what is going on way to often vs. seeing the truth.  When we stop to make an image with our camera it slows us down and gives us an opportunity to really look at something or someone.  In this process maybe just for ONE moment we can see what is really there; letting go of our conditioning, our story or our thoughts about the subject and really be in THE moment.   If you have a cell phone with a camera, carry it with you with the intention of taking only one photo a day.  With this intention you will find that you start paying attention to your moments with less of the thinking mind and more of the seeing mind.  Practice looking at things as they are and without any particular thoughts around them.  See light, color, shape, form and texture and let go of your story around the subject.  On a rainy day, for example, see reflections, soft light, colors, water droplets on your window or shapes umbrellas make instead of having thoughts like "it's dreary, it's dull and I hate days like this."  With this practice of looking through your camera you will begin to live in THE moment even when you decide to put that camera down and really be present without having to document.