I was on the radio the other day.  What fun!

My good friend Gail hosts a radio show here in RI on WADK and one of her guests dropped out at the last minute so the evening before the mid day show, she asked me if I could fill in.   The theme was health and mindfulness so I thought I could handle that.  I replied to her text request right away and also followed up with an email.  I didn't want to miss my chance to do something fun with her.

When I showed up at the radio studio I was surprised to see two old friends BJ and Suzi who were also going to be on the show.  I was so happy to see them and be a part of this trio.  I was a bit nervous because speaking to a live audience gives me butterflies in my stomach so being with others I knew made me feel more comfortable.  Plus it meant I didn't have to fill the whole hour with just my story.

Suzi is a hypnotist and BJ is a personal fitness trainer and motivator so I was in great company.  I talked about mindfulness and meditation.

The coolest thing was listening to the others talk about wellness.  There are so many ways to take care of yourself through first recognizing that you want to be healthier and then finding a way to get there.  You could start by getting hynotized to want to work out or eat better.  Then you could hire BJ to train you.  (small plug for each.) And lastly you could decide to meditate to calm your mind and find inner peace.  The thing about all of these is that it might mean you are taking a leap from your normal behaviors or habits.  You are trying something new.


Speaking on the radio was something new for me.  I am a photographer and now an author of a book.  Who knew?  I decided one day to take a leap and try writing and said yes to being on the radio with little or no prep time.  What the heck.  I really had nothing to loose.  I have been meditating for about nine years now and know how much it has helped me so I knew what to talk about.  I also have a mindful photography course that I developed that I could share so I was ready.

Each day can present an opportunity for growth and exploration into something new but if you are not mindful of what is presented you will not be able to take advantage of what life is offering in each moment.  Stay open and receptive to life.  Get unstuck by exploring, getting curious or trying something new.  It's fun!  If there is something you have wanted to change in your life, look around for a way to do it.  There are so many modalities out there for every type of personality.  Not everyone is going to want to sit on a cushion for half an hour each day and meditate but they might want to practice being mindful while they do the dishes or when they go to the bathroom.  We all do that!  Instead of changing your whole diet all at once, take out one unhealthy food a week and replace it with something good. Find an exercise that you enjoy.  Dance, hike or go bowling if you don't like the gym or running.

The point is to not get stuck in a way of thinking about something.  Your way of thinking needs to be new as well.  We sometimes don't know what we don't know so ask around.  See what is out there that might be a change you can handle.  Baby steps.

If you want to hear the radio show go to  The show aired 2/19 and its under the Open Forum with Ryan Belmore.

Thanks Gail for inviting me to the show in the first place.

Namaste people.