Do you want to learn to open up your awareness and take in more of the "good" in your life?

"The course offers a new and fresh way to look at the world and all that is in it with a different mindset of "Mindfulness." It awoke my curiosity about being mindful and I love taking pictures."

Lisa M.

Do you want to take photographs that are dynamic, unique and expressive?

"I noticed quickly that I was learning to see things differently. It made photography more interesting and not such a struggle to find something to photograph. Kim has helped me look at objects & subjects in new and innovative ways. Also, incorporating meditation and being present was extremely enlightening and helpful... not only with my photography, but in my personal life too. I am noticing things I never paid much attention too before."

Barby B.


"I learned that an object is more than just an object and that looking at something in different ways gave me an entirely new view and appreciation of a simple, ordinary object."

Lisa M.

Would you like to connect with other photographers, share photos and get updated photography tips?

"Your comments on my photos, as well as the other photos, were insightful and made me pause and really think about how being mindful and setting an intention before shooting can enhance the experience, that for me is always so personal and even spiritual." 

Melissa P.


This is the course for you!

Mindful Photography - Photography is a mindful way to practice slowing down and looking carefully at the world you live in and the people in it.  With practice you can maintain this mindfulness with your camera down as well. Looking carefully helps you stay present to the beauty in the ordinary which builds gratitude, inner peace and respect for the life you have and the people in it. I love teaching this workshop to new and advanced photographers as a way to help them connect with their subjects.  This class plays with the concept of contemplative photography over conventional photography and will open you up to new ways of seeing.  Great for children and adults, professionals and hobby photographers alike.


This is a course like no other. 

To be mindful means to pay attention, to the present moment, in a certain way without judgement.  Letting go of judgment allows us to feel less of the pull between what is "good" and what is "bad."  We can learn to see things just as they are.  When we slow down and look carefully through the lens of a camera we are practicing being in the present moment.  That is where life is.  Photography is the only medium that can capture that moment of your being present... and the camera documents without judgement. 

When you begin to slow down and notice the beauty in ALL things and then take a photograph that captures that beauty, you get a double whammy of joy.  You have the experience of noticing the beauty and the photograph to reflect upon.  How fun is that?  You can look back at your images any time to bring up those feelings you had when you took the image.


1. Meditative exercises in looking that help you find awareness around  how you see your world and the people and things in it.

2. How to get in touch with more joy and gratitude by practicing taking in the good through your camera and into your consciousness. 

3. Ways to shift your perspective and see things in a new and more positive, creative and beautiful way. 

4. To create dynamic photographs that evoke feelings, memories and beauty that you can reflect upon for years to come.

5. New ways to think about photographing the ordinary to make them more extraordinary. 

6. Meditations that will help you get centered and present for your photography sessions.


7. You will learn from other students on our Facebook Group who are taking the course right along with you.  No matter where you are in the course, you can join in, share your images, reflections, ah ha moments and ask questions of me and the other students.  Connecting as a group is one of the most valuable parts of this course and it helps you develop, not only as a mindful person, but as a photographer. 

I will also be encouraging you to journal along side your photography exercises so you can create a book or final piece that combines your images and words to strengthen the whole practice. 

An ordinary wooden spoon becomes a beautiful part of an abstract composition. Rust and scratches never looked so good!

An ordinary wooden spoon becomes a beautiful part of an abstract composition. Rust and scratches never looked so good!



Image of a floor taken by a Mindful Photography student. If you can have gratitude for the floor you can have gratitude for anything!

Image of a floor taken by a Mindful Photography student. If you can have gratitude for the floor you can have gratitude for anything!

included in the course

1.  6 videos of Kim's instruction, photography assignments, examples of her work and meditations.

2.  Worksheets to accompany the photography assignments.

3.  A Gratitude workbook filled with photography prompts to inspire your ongoing mindful photography journey.

4.  Membership on our Mindful Photographers Facebook group for ongoing sharing of photographs and input from Kim and other students in the course.  This invaluable input will be continued support.


All you need is your cell phone camera or any kind of digital camera you can carry with you easily.

A Facebook account so you can join in the group conversations and support.

A desire to grow, find more gratitude in your life and most of all to have fun taking amazing photographs!

photo by Kim Fuller

photo by Kim Fuller

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