There are a lot of people I admire in the world, who motivate me, inspire me and whom I am grateful to also call a friend.  My friend Kristine, who I photographed for "My Dinner Plate" project is one of those people.  We met through work.  She is someone who has hired me to do photography work for several years which enables me to buy the food I eat for dinner.  After a few years working together, I asked a big favor of her with the idea that she might just say no.  I was involved in a fashion show fundraiser for an arts organization in town and we needed some last minute models for some pretty amazing and unique clothes.  Kristine is attractive and tall so I thought of her.  During her work day she is a very put together and professional woman.  She is smart and on the ball.  I was not sure she would be in to something "like this."  Something artsy and funky.


She said yes right away!

The designers ended up putting her in a knit wear outfit that was quite sexy and unusual. I think there were knitted holes in various places.  Kristine rocked that outfit and was amazing on the runway.  She was as professional as a model as she was at work.  I instantly loved her for her courage and willingness to jump right in.  I felt a bit guilty for judging who I thought she was.  I pegged her as conservative and perhaps not in to that kind of thing.  I was wrong.  I did not know Kristine very well at the time on a friendly level so it's my fault for making those kinds of assumptions.  I think we do that way too often.  We decide how we feel about someone before we have the facts about them.  Kristine is someone who lives life fully, likes to try new things and take on new things.  I love that about her and it inspires me to do the same.  When I asked her to be a subject for my project her response was "sure, it can't be any worse than what I did for you last time."  She was of course referring to the fashion show.

Kristine and I have had lots of great conversations over the years about work, love and adopting children.  She has a beautiful boy now and is a great mother.  She made the decision to adopt and did it!  I have huge respect for her undertaking because as an adoptive parent myself, I know what that takes and she did it alone.  Good job Kristine.

I practice everyday to not judge or assume things about people before I get to know them.  Even then I try to let go of judgement.  We are all out in the world trying to find happiness and have some fun along the way.  We never really know what someones struggles, dreams or hopes are until we take the time to get to know them.  Maybe sometimes its none of our business either so be kind and if anything, assume they need love just like you.  Thanks Kristine for helping with my plate of dinner and so much more.