It has been a while since I have written a post.  Sometimes I just get blocked when it comes to writing.

My communication strength definitely comes in the form of images.  I love to tell a story with photos which is why Instagram sucks up my time.  All those images just ready for me to make up stories about.  It's like a mini gallery where I pick all the artists.  Anyway....

I have started a new project that will share my journey of gratitude for all the people connected to my one plate of dinner.  I wanted to do a new portrait series but needed a theme or motivation for myself in picking the people.  I remembered a practice I do before dinner sometimes where I think about what went in to my dinner that evening and all the people who helped make it possible.  So this is my motivation.  Here are some of the first images starting right in my own home.  My son Keydell eats with me and often sets the table.  Jim, my husband cooks a lot of the time and man am I grateful for that.  I have decided to photograph everyone very simply with nothing on up top.  I am hoping to show that we are all the same in our human-ness yet so unique in our expression.  I am looking for a connection in the shots.  Working with each subject, I am trying to find that look they give me as we both realize how we are connected in the simplest way.

Sometimes that takes a while. I mean when was the last time you took your shirt off for a photographer and felt instantly comfortable and connected to them.  At least my first two subjects know me well.

Its not often that we really look at and appreciate others.  I know that when I am talking to someone, I see them but am often so wrapped up in what they are saying and what I am thinking that I don't really see them.  This will give you and me the opportunity to really look at other humans and all their unique qualities that make them so special.  We are connected to so many people that we don't even realize who or how sometimes.  Who knows how many people I will end up photographing but I think it could be endless.  Stay tuned as I keep going and may you too find gratitude for all who help you in your day.  Be kind to everyone and be helpful yourself.  You just never know.  You could end up in a portrait series.